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the spaces between everything

the spaces between everything


. She stumbles in at 2:45am and wakes me up. Downsides of apartment life. 

. The sun is shining behind the blinds and she is lying on my chest, so I linger in bed awhile, watching videos and reading horoscopes. 

. Lou wants to cuddle today. 

. Red Light birthday brunch sequins.

. Cold again.

. I need this period of quiet. Not talking, not doing. I watch the sun move across the window and place bets with myself on the type of sunset that is coming. It’s impossible to know these things.

. I wonder how he sees it. Is it all business now? Is there any wonder left? 

. an independent organ

. It still smells of the orange and cardamom. Don’t forget the Persian cucumbers tomorrow.

. Mint tea + dusk + the sound of her tv below.

a carefully curated life

a carefully curated life

the girls are unfurling

the girls are unfurling