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the world was on fire

the world was on fire


. The alarm is Janis Joplin and rain is forecasted to start in 31 minutes. Rain…

. I pick up her empty food bowl and realize I left her water in the sink last night. Pangs of guilt at how distracted I’ve been.

. What sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away?

. Everyone has their umbrellas up but the sprinkles feel like kisses on my forehead and I wonder if they know that this scent is petrichor.

. #12. brow furrow.

. She photographs all the tree blossoms and unties her hair because she likes the way the rain softens it.

. Pick up the clothes from the floor. Pick up the clutter from the table. Put away the dishes. I keep the green frog’s feet.

. Wifey. She doesn’t approve.

. Blistered tomatoes + wilted Swiss chard + penne + extra parm. It’s been a minute.

. The feel of this evening. 

. Queer Eye + Men Without Women

the girls are unfurling

the girls are unfurling