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. Everyone keeps asking why I stopped. I’m flattered. 

. Pinnacles + lichen hunting + snacks on top of snacks + we find a lookout that’s just ours for awhile. 

.  Maxine.

. Rabbit that tastes like chicken and I can recall the stewed rabbit I grew up on and now I wonder about getting that recipe.

. Offkilter. 

. Brunch. I’m ravenous and there is not enough bacon. 

. Hydration. 

. We all groan as we get into the car. I love us. 

. I need today to be easy. I skip meal prep and hunker down with books and daydreams. 

. A wildfire in the gorge. 

 . Everyone is outside. We all have spring fever.

. Stubborn. 

the world was on fire

the world was on fire

you will become your most favorite color

you will become your most favorite color