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you will become your most favorite color

you will become your most favorite color


. The anxiety has broke. Not unlike a fever. Not unlike a possession leaving the body. 

. She falls off the curb and onto the road. Cars are coming and she’s not moving. I start running. She’s twisted her ankle.

. The dentist tells the hygienist “interior cheek biter”. He doesn’t explain further. It’s like a factory in here. 

. Nonsense + nonsense. We are still learning what’s serious and what’s in fun.

. A faint taste in my mouth. 

. Hipsters. 

. I find one of her whiskers in the bed. I consider saving it. 

. Sweet talker.

. Smashed potatoes + wilted bok choy + the last piece of salted walnut chocolate dug from the back of the fridge. Yes, this is more like normal.

. Tucked up in the corner of the kitchen. 



Somewhere in these eyes

Somewhere in these eyes