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easy, baby.

easy, baby.


. There is a glow of orange on the other side of the blinds. I jump out of bed with camera in hand. There is no time for clothes.

. Lebowski, you are all kinds of beautiful.

. We talk about DFW and why he was so prolific. I grew up on Margaret Atwood and Leonard Cohen, Canadian lit. The English professor gives me reading homework and returns to grading papers.

. Best damn migas. Thank you, J. You should have let me wash those dishes.

. What is happening to us? 

. Facetimes from I-75, somewhere around Dry Ridge. 

. We could all use a little more chill. 

. I tell her about the time I went to the music festival alone and how he called out my poor dancing. I buy a ticket to see him again and dig out that old white dress. #sweaty

. Follow me into the dark. 

. Aromas of bay leaf, rosemary, and coriander.

. Miracles are too damn hard to find.

on what it means to take your time

on what it means to take your time

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