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At the age of 25, I went to Europe for six months, hoping that I would somehow find myself. I came home with an engagement ring, a realization that I didn't want to live an ocean apart from my family, and a passion for  food. Which, I've come to learn 15+ years later, is as close to finding myself as I might ever get.

I categorize much of my life and my decisions as "before Europe" and "after Europe." 

Before Europe, meals often came from a cardboard box I mindlessly shoved in a microwave for 3 minutes. After Europe, I wanted to eat real, fresh food with ingredients I could recognize and pronounce. Before Europe, cooking was a burden. After Europe, I started reading cookbooks like bestselling novels and hanging out in my kitchen for fun.


                                                                                                                   photo credit: Sharon Tessandori

                                                                                                                   photo credit: Sharon Tessandori


During my six months abroad, I certainly had some bad meals. But most were decent, and many were spectacular--partially because of the food, but often because of the environment or the people. 

I learned a bit more of Jesu's story each night as he served my husband and me amazing dishes at a four-table restaurant in Salema, Portugal. I savored the simple delight of a sliced apple topped with a piece of real Parmesan cheese washed down with a glass of wine while sitting around a table with soon-to-be family members who joined us for the last leg of our trip. 

I told Don, as we sat in a garden restaurant in Germany, that I wanted to own a place like this someday. I'm still filled with joy whenever I recall the father who pulled hunks of bread from a crusty baguette for his son, causing crumbs to fly all over our hot, crowded coach car. 

For the first time, I saw eating as an all-senses-in experience, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Back in the States, I was eager to recreate the food and the environments I'd loved. It's a mission I'm still attempting to accomplish. I've taken a culinary class here and there, but most of my cooking skills are the result of hundreds of hours in the kitchen--testing, tasting, failing, succeeding--and sharing my creations with friends and family. 

Sharing my food with others is the equivalent of sharing my heart ... I cook with love and care and positive energy, which (hopefully) translates into body-and-soul nourishing meals. And all the better when enjoyed at a communal table over equally nourishing conversation. 

So, let me know when you want to come over the dinner. Seriously.


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