Hiya, I’m Misty…

… and I’m SO happy y0u’re here.
Welcome to

the blogette

I write micro-memoirs of the moments that make up a life: food, friendships, cooking, adventure, and living simply.

In 2019, I’ll be shifting to a plant-forward diet and exploring what it means to live more in alignment with my values, so you can expect to see stories (and recipes!) of that journey here.

About me

I spent a good part of my childhood growing up in the kitchen (quite literally, my family owned a restaurant called Golden Maple).

We lived in rural Ontario with a garden outside our back door, chickens in the yard, and a dairy-farm for a neighbor. Meals were home-cooked and dinner was eaten as a family at the dining room table.

I live in Kentucky now. In a teeny, tiny studio apartment with a cat. I like it very much and I still prefer a home-cooked meal most nights of the week.

Things I do | write, photograph, cook, eat.
Things I am | Canadian, introverted (mostly), rebellious, obsessive, independent, hsp, hungry.
Things I love | blueberries, nature, my family, my friends, poutine, sunsets, beginnings, art, Ani, ice cold beers after a hike, the moon, doggos, road-trips, grilled cheese sammichs, witty people (I am not one of them), jokes about Canadians, these, all four seasons, and this.

The recipes

Cooking is how I do self-care. I am not a recipe developer or a tester and I rarely cook the same meal the exact same way twice (unless I’m baking, because baking is science, you guys). Many of the meals I make throughout the week are born out of leftovers and pantry items. I have found that if a recipe calls for something I don’t have, I can easily leave it out or swap for something else (the internet is great for finding suggestions).

It’s my hope that the recipes + stories you find here will inspire you to get in the kitchen and play. Cooking is a journey and a form of self-expression and it’s best when not taken too seriously.

Some basic rules to help you along: leave out what you don’t like, add what you do, and taste as you go.


All photos on this website are my own, unless otherwise noted. Like that portrait of me at the top of the page, which was taken by Mothwing Photography.

Do not use any of the photos on this site without my permission, pleaseandthankyou.

Six random facts

  1. I’m first generation Canadian. My parents were both immigrants who met while working at a KFC in Toronto in the ‘70s.

  2. I have misophonia.

  3. I collect feathers, rocks, and different types of mustards.

  4. I have 15 tattoos.

  5. I like avocado on my pizza.

  6. I do not own a microwave, toaster, or tea kettle.

why -148°C

I’ve had many websites over the years, all with different titles, including one that was just my name. But the thing with titles is that they always feel like a label I have to fit into and, inevitably, I grow out of them. And the one that was my name felt a little too unguarded.

-148°C is a title that can shift with me.

I’m happy to tell you what it means, but you’ll have to ask me in person. (cute, right?)